The Indiana Recovery Council

The Indiana Recovery Council (IRC) is comprised of 16 individuals who support the goal of a recovery-oriented, person-centered delivery service system in Indiana.

Established in 2004, the IRC acts in an advisory capacity to the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA) and the DMHA Mental Health & Addiction Planning & Advisory Council (to matters pertaining to Indiana residents affected by mental health and addiction issues).

Responsibilities of IRC members:

  • Participate in one two-hour meeting every month in Indianapolis (mileage expenses will be paid for those traveling outside Indianapolis)
  • Participate in workgroups outside of regular meetings
  • Solicit input from the community to evaluate current services and determine education and service needs
  • To advise the Office of Consumer and Family Affairs in the development of plans to involve mental health¬† and addiction consumers and their families in division activities
  • To advocate innovation and a recovery orientation in mental health and addiction treatment
  • To promote collaboration and information exchange among stakeholder organizations
  • To serve as a forum for public input and the participation in the public policy development of the Division
  • Design and recommend ways to reduce stigma in the community and within mental health programs