Attend an Event


You are always welcome to attend an Indiana Recovery Council-sponsored event. Hear speakers on topics related to stigma and recovery and meet people who want to educate others on stigma consequences or want to change the way we think about those who need us.

Our Goal

Our goal is to get these materials used throughout the entire state of Indiana to help end stigma. The more people we educate about this important issue, the more barriers we remove that keep individuals in need from moving into health.


The Indiana Chamber and Wellness Council of Indiana are supporting this effort through their Indiana Workforce Recovery initiative.

If you want to participate as a Supporter contact: Jeff Nance, Project Manager at [email protected]


Share Your Story


If you have a story where you were stigmatized, we invite you to share it with us in order to further educate people to the harm that stigma causes.


Download Resources


In order to spread the word about stigma, we have created a library of resources that are free to use and share.